Want more muscle mass, less body fat and the optimal diet and workout plans to get you there?

We’re The Harrison Twins, and we’re International Fitness models and Personal Trainers who’ve been training for a number of years now.

We’ve gained a vast amount of practical knowledge and experience in that time, which we use to help our clients and people like you reach their health and fitness goals.

It’s been an honour to see our fanbase and list of clients grow into what it is today. A big part of how that’s come about is due to being featured in health and fitness magazines, national newspapers and websites across the globe.

We run European Fitness Bootcamps in the UK and Europe, which have helped expand our training knowledge to others with similar health and fitness goals that they want to achieve.

Prior to entering the Fitness Model world, we were both professional footballers (that’s soccer to our friends from the U.S!). As teenagers, we had stints at Bolton Wanderers, Carlisle United and Morecambe F.C.

It was after our pro contracts ended that we moved into the world of personal training. We’ve been fortunate enough to have trained at some of the most prestigious gyms in the north of England.

Owen is a former Royal Marine, which is maybe why some of our clients have said we’re like the Navy Seals of the personal training and fitness model world: A small elite team that always gets the job done right.

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Thanks and we look forward to helping you melt your body fat and get shredded soon,

Lewis and Owen.